Want to Join Data Science
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Intellipaat Data Science course lets you master skills, such as data analytics, R programming, statistical computing, Machine Learning algorithms, k-means clustering, and more. It includes multiple hands-on exercises and project work in the domains of banking, finance, entertainment, etc. Intellipaat’s Data Science certification is well recognized across 500+ employers helping you to land your dream job. Why should you take up the Data Scientist course? The average annual salary of Data Scientists as per Indeed is approximately US$122,801 in the United States. Data Scientist is the best job in the 21st century – Harvard Business Review The number of jobs for all data professionals in the United States will increase to 2.7 million – IBM Global Big Data market achieves US$122 billion in sales in 6 years – Frost & Sullivan The demand for Data Scientists far exceeds the supply. This is a serious problem in the data-driven world that we are living in today. As a result, most organizations are willing to pay high salaries for professionals with appropriate Data Science skills. Learn Data science from our training online will help you become proficient in Data Science, R programming language, Data Analysis, Big Data, and more. Thus, you can easily accelerate your career in this evolving domain and take it to the next level. What are the different paths to enter Data Science? There are several ways to become a Data Scientist. Evidently, Data Scientists use a large number of tools/technologies, such as R and Python programming language, and analysis tools, like SAS. As a budding Data Scientist, you should be familiar with data analysis and statistical software packages. You might have to work on large dataset transformations and storage using Hadoop and Spark. The most important skill of a Data Scientist is data visualization. In it, the found out facts need to be presented to the business team effectively so that they can understand the insights. Important Resources:- > Data Science Apriori algorithm > Data Science Interview Questions